Sportsmobile and Defender 130 in Albania Bosnia and Montenegro [Europe]

Hi folks,

if you follow the link below this will lead you to a - as usual - horrible google translation of our may 2018 trip report through the balkans in southeastern europe.
Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia.

Perhaps a little out of the beaten path for you.

Ford e350 4x4 Sportsmobiles are very (!) rare in Europe. I guess about 4? And Landrover Defender are a nearly equally rare sight in the US.

The landscape in those countries is breathtaking and there are endless possibilities for offroading and boondocking.

Trip Report Balkan may 2018




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Europe probably is not so interesting for you, I guess??

Or it might be that "funny" google translation which makes it quite hard to read. Sorry for that. But making it bilingual would just be to much work.

And yes it is a "little bit" picture heavy. ;)
Looks spectacular. The google translate isnt too bad, considering. Not as distracting as the weird black bars over the kids eyes. Tons of great photos though

Christian P.

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wow, there are indeed a lot of images on this one page! It does not load very well. I think in general, trip report do better when they are posted directly on the forum, rather than just a link to another forum.


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thx guys

@Christian P. ... you are definately right. And I sure would have gone that way. But the original trip report is in german language. This would lead nowhere on expeditionportal I guess.

Thus the google translated version of the german original.

Sorry but the text is abou 16 pages long if you print it. I just can not translate all of it for the american forums I am in.