Spring Suggestions


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I bought a mostly gutted 97 Express 1500 Gladiator conversion that also already had some work done to make it a camper. Best part was hit has new engine, rebuilt trans, new radiator and AC compressor, front and rear brakes all in last 8 months. I am replacing all of the steering linkage and would like to replace the springs all around too (180k miles on the van itself). Can I utilize 2500 springs or does anyone have a suggestion for better replacements? I don’t want the soft ride conversion van, and if I gain some ground clearance even better. If it also means changing upper/lower control arms I have no issues there either. Bushing on the current ones probably need replacing anyhow.


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My curiousity is peaked.

Chevy van with a 4x4 conversion from a Jeep Gladiator???? Old generation??? Or what?
Is the Gladiator thing just a high top camper conversion. The topic being suspension make me think 4WD conversion.
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