Squelch vs. RF gain?


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Mornin' folks!

I just installed a new CB radio and antenna in my 40 and was out yesterday trying it out.

In trying to reduce noise and faint signals I was noting that both the Squelch control and the RF gain seem to act as filters.

Are they doing a similar function? Or perhaps a better question is: how are they different? Which control does what?

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2005, 2006 Tech Course Champion: Expedition Trophy

It's a Cobra 29 WXNWST CB with Weather channels, and a Firestik E30NGP "No-Ground Plane" Kit. I mounted it on the rear roof, so I can fold down the antenna when I park in the garage. It actually drops down pointing nearly straight down, parallel to the rear doors of my 40. Very cool. :D

I chose the "no ground plane" version because of the fiberglass roof.

The built-in SWR meter indicates it's well tuned; we shall see.

So far it seems to be performing well, but I need some experience on the trail to see just how well it actually performs.
Thanks Ed!

Let us know how it does.

I too have the fiberglass problem. I currently have a magnetic mount whip just behind my sunroof. It's freaking out on the SWR meter (now I know since "Boston Mangler" was kind enough to loan me his SWR meter, pegged to the right). Anyone know what to do about this condition? I've cut off 1/4" two times and no change on the SWR.

I'm considering a Wilson 500 or 1000 after running with a bunch of guys who had them last weekend. They seemed to do very well! The Wilson website claims they really put out!

I like your antenna and have considered it.....good choice!