SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD


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I have been lurking here since July 2010 and I figured it was time to make my CRD into something I have been wanting for a while...I wanted more of an Expo truck and this website is perfect for me

OEM Specs

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD
V6 Diesel 241hp/440torque
QuadaTrac 2 - QT2

Current mileage is 95,000

Here is one of the first times we had her on the trail....


This is my first real trail experience at Uwharrie and I knew it was a keeper



List of Current Mods

- Updated Air Intake Pipe (Black Seal)
- 5 Cooper ST Maxx 265/70/17C
- 5 Mopar 17x7 steel wheels with 10mm hubcentric spacer
- OME Lift Kit....HD Front/HD Rear
- 4xGuard Complete Matrix Kit
- 4xGuard Rock Rails
- 4xGuard Belly Skid
- 4x Guard Rear Skid
- Mopar Front Belly Guard
- Mopar Gas Tank Skid
- Mopar Transfer Case Skid
- WeatherTech Mats
- Stillen Drilled Rotors and Stillen Pads
- Rear Badges painted flat black
- Pinch Weld Mods
- Bosch 100 compact fog lights
- Philips HIR 9005/9006 low/high beams
- GDE ECO Tune
- Interior storage sleeping area....removing the rear seats.
- Switches for air compressor and rear locker
- ARB Air Compressor
- Rear ARB locker
- Dr Side Mounted ARB 2000 Canopy
- CB Firestick Antenna and Mount
- Escape Gear Seat Covers

Planned Future Mods:

- RCV High Performance Front Drive Shafts
- Firestone Air Bags

Planned Maintenance Items

- Replace Diff bushings
- Replace Front Lower Control Arms

I am building this as an Expo type vehicle so long range comfort is important. More to come....

Rear platform completed:


Different Wheels, Tires and Suspension:


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Looks great! I ran Hell's Revenge during last year's Easter Jeep Safari and a CRD GC was with us. Very nice and capable rig!

Very nice Jeep. Best of luck with future . I am close to Uwharrie, when it reopens this spring let me know when you come bck up here, we'll meet you
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Alright!!! Can't wait to see where this one goes. Really like the CRD Jeeps. Looking forward to the buildup. Keep us posted!!


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More stuff arrived today....

5 Duratracs...they look much bigger and better in person....


Also a new set of greaseable tie rod ends.

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Enough with photos of uninstalled parts! When are we going to see photos of the parts installed?!!!

Looking forward to seeing a hell of a nice Jeep!



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Enough with photos of uninstalled parts! When are we going to see photos of the parts installed?!!!

Looking forward to seeing a hell of a nice Jeep!

Come on a garage and tools.

Going to be a couple of weeks.....still waiting on OME parts to trickle in.....going to be in Miami the rest of the week though for work...80 and sunny.
It is going to look great with the new wheels and tires. I remember when you were thinking about selling. Definitely made the right decision!


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I have been waiting for parts to arrive.....

I have all my OME suspension parts....going on this weekend.


Also just installed Stillen drilled rotors in the rear...will be putting these up front as well


Picked up a fire ext to be mounted as well....


Hopefully will have the suspension installed this weekend and an alignment on Monday....

I was also curious about the added weight of the AEV wheels and 265/70 Duratrac

AEV and Duratrac = 67 pounds


Stock wheel and 245/65 = 59 pounds


So an additional 32 pounds added for the bigger wheels and tires...happy with that.

Also modified the rear hitch to allow the bigger tire as a is really tight but I can now squeeze in the 265/70 in the OEM spare area underneath....


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Just a quick update.....

Taking my the rear OME suspension on...waiting for a Rusty's trac bar to center the rear axle. Started on the drivers side front suspension...but had to order the bumpstops and the lower rubber piece in the coilover. Also had to fold back the pinch weld because of the bigger tires and potential rubbing...some cuts with the angle grinder and a big hammer and everything is flat.....primed and painted.


And the obligatory angle grinder meets finger pic....



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Updates...I has them.

Spent the afternoon getting the front suspension done...took it for a test drive and no squeaks or the Stillen rotors/pads bedded in real good....5 40mph runs and 5 60mph runs and everything was tight. This is my first lifted Jeep with "big" tires and I was plenty surprised with the lack of noise and the ride of the OME.

Also installed my new Fumoto quick drain valve....


New locking diesel keep out the Zombies.


Rustys trac-bar and spare tire ready to go in tomorrow.


Cross drilled goodness...


Some red hot JBA UCA...still need to install the cotter pin


And how she is sitting today....