Status of US Maltec Campers?


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Does anyone know.....Is Maltec still building campers in the US ?

I’ve tried to phone their Colorado facilities.....but I only got a generic voice mail, and so I tried to leave a msg but the recorded msg said their voicemail box was full!

Then I attempted to eml them at the address on their website but that eml as returned with the response that “Your message couldn't be delivered. The Domain Name System (DNS) reported that the recipient's domain does not exist.” !!!

And their US webpage also seems to be nonresponsive

Do any of you know what is going on with Maltec USA?


They kept appearing to try to drum up interest and @LandCruiserPhil kept pimping pics of him driving it places and saying more pics and details and reviews and a US presence would come, but it never seemed to materialize. Hopefully he’ll chime in here because over on Mud I don’t think we got much of a story.


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Thx guys, I’ve left a message with LC Phil and will share whatever I get from him


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So, do you know.....are they only going to be selling completely converted vehicles or will you be able to buy a base model rig and then leave it with them for doing the camper conversion?

I’m very interested in a Maltec but I can’t get or find any precise current info to help me know how to plan a budget or find out what kind of vehicle to buy to have converted.

Since I am looking forward to a build about a year in advance, I suppose I can wait a bit longer for that promised, updated website.


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I had a great meeting with Malte a few weeks back here in SLC. They are making some changes to their US offerings and retail aspect and have some neat plans. I'll let them share said plans when they are ready. :D