Stealth Off The Grid (trailer name) trailer?


I came across this while researching a used toy hauler I may go look at. I've been wanting something like the Black Series, but the prices seem to be escalating faster than the quality. I had pretty well given up and decided to build from scratch or convert a cargo trailer, but this new off road camp trailer really got my attention. Unfortunately I can't find any info on it other than the manufacturer's brochure. If anyone has any info on it, I'd love to hear it.



I don't know anything about them, but they claim to "be proudly made in the USA" and they seem to value supporting veterans, but that's one reason I'm asking here. I'm hoping someone here has some knowledge of the trailer, or at least, the company. It looks like they had one on display at the Off the Grid expo in Colorado last year based on an image search on Google. Hopefully someone here got a chance to look it over.


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It looks like a good idea but I wonder how well it would be put together. Lots of solar and lots of LiFePo4 on a quality camper would be neat.
But, errrrr, Indiana. Some of America's worst quality trailers are born there.
Stealth trailers are primarily known for their vehicle enclosed trailers. Looks like they crunched the numbers and found out how much more they could make with adding some water to their trailers. And keep their workforce busy.

If attention to detail in their brochure is any indication of their actual quality of work... color me pessimistic.

"One-burner induction cooktop boils water in minutes." Great. So does practically every other stove and heat source. How much water and how quickly? That's the pertinent information, Mr. Stealth.

The proper spelling is "separate," not "seperate."

Hyphens exist for a reason.

Unless this came in at a 4-figure price point, it's a hard no from me.


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I checked these out last summer. Made in Indiana by an outfit that focused on toy haulers and cargo trailers. All electric with induction cook top, electric frig, heat & water, etc. I corresponded directly with them and also with a dealer in the PNW. They were very responsive to my questions. For suspension, they offer an upgrade to a Cruise Master independent axle less suspension from Australia ( What I liked about it is that it had a queen bed in the front with acceptable storage, side dinette and no wood. Could have used better inside storage from my perspective but the biggest thing to give me pause is that it was all electric. It's available with additional solar panel and lithium batteries upgrade beyond stock solar/lithium offering. However, between cooking, refrigerating, heating and hot water I'm skeptical regarding an all electric trailer if one's boon docking down back roads for a week. I don't like having to rely on generators and, at least in the PNW, good solar exposure can be a challenge, particularly if camped in the more densely forested parts of the states vs the east side in the high desert areas. I don't like having to rely on a generator.

Lastly, they are new units in their lineup. They are no longer using the name SPARK and have changed it to AMPED OTG and are offering this new "all electric" option in several lengths in the Nomad Toy Hauler series and also in a standard trailer with front bed/rear bath, the 17RB, which is the one I looked at. That one I recently contacted them for an update and was advised that hey had put it on hold since last summer because they were so busy with the rest of their lineup. Said they may bed starting production back up in April or so. There is some info on their website regarding the AMPED OTG toy hauler version, but not much on the standard 17RB RV Trailer design. I think overall length with the spare tires mounted up on the rear is 23 feet or so. By no means a tiny trailer, but not huge. I was initially attracted to it as it appeared it might be good options for navigating the NFS and BLM back roads in the west. Certainly not for Jeep tracks though. In the west, I believe they have dealers in Prescott, AZ., Lagrande, OR., Denver.

Exterior Width 90 Inches
Box Length 17.5 feet
Tongue Length 42 Inches
Hitch Weight 435 lbs
Unloaded Weight 3,680 lbs
GVWR 5,200 lbs
Carry Capacity 1,520 lbs

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