Still a demand for Baja style campers?


Hi guys

Can you fill me in more with regards to this "Baja" style camper?

Does it have a floor, or is it more like a large camper shell?

Normally insulated or not?

And is it just a shell, with no amenities?

And finally, what kid of price point are we talking about?


I live in Southern California and a lot of folks head south of the border, which if you want remote camping, a 4WD is needed. This basic camper suits offroad camping well as it is not super heavy. Going to the beach around here, you see this type of camper frequently.
The floor is the truck bed and in my case, has a rubber floor insert over Line-ex bed spray. So yes, it is basically a large truck topper/camper. I have insulated the walls and roof with 1 inch foam, covered with vinyl covered board for the interior. Right now it is just a shell but I do plan to make easily removable amenities. I didn't want the hassle of removing the camper to haul stuff, etc so the back doors are full width. I have been using this for about a year now and love it. I've camped in Colorado, Utah, California in all weather conditions and offroad it regularly...and, been using it to make yard waste dump runs too. I can just sweep or hose it out when done and back to camping mode. I am hoping to finalize the plans within the next few months. Not going to kids activities have kept me very busy the last few months! I see you are in Idaho! I was in Nampa for xmas...with the camper...this time carrying all the xmas crap and the dogs!

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A buddy of mine has one of those Spacekap's...or one very similar...very cool but very $$$$. He works in Alaska and it's perfect up there. His truck is badass...Dodge 5500 diesel with tracks!



Still unfinished (thank you kid's baseball and softball! LOL) Here's a shot of the overhead that is about 80% done. The wooden legs keeping the extension level will be changed out to metal. The extension will fold up to close off the overhead portion to help secure stored items as well as keep things out of view as needed.


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Did you ever do a build thread going over the whole thing with pics or just the two threads you have titled Baja Camper?

Recommended books for Overlanding


I haven't had time to put together a complete start to...well...almost finished thread. Anyone with kids could understand why...LOL.


U guys are lucky out west

Seems like all the small off road truck camper builders are out west, FWC, ATC Nothing in the south east. I cant drive to Cali to buy a camper BUMMER