Storage of MB camper truck in Northern Norway

Hi all, I am planning to drive our MB 1222 this summer to Norway and will be looking to find a place to store the truck in Norway, preferably rather in north near Trondheim. I will be very grateful to learn about a candidate place where 5 centigrade can be guaranteed for the winter time.
Dear Dan, thank you so much for your quick reply. I apologize for being unclear. I meant to say I am looking for a storage place in central Norway that is not colder than 5 centigrade. I'd love to get in touch with you and learn about the opportunity. Please email me at and kindly provide me with your details including phone number and location so we can converse directly. Looking very much forward, Ran.


I think Dan's the same as me.... based in Australia.. Long way to come to collect your truck, but at least it'll be warm... ;)
I live on the opposite side of the Trondheimfjorden, and do now a couple of places locally here on my side.
It would however be more practical for you to store it on the Trondheim side somewhere not to far from E6.

This is a couple of places I found not to far from Trondheim by googling (no personal experience). Only one page in english, but the contact info should be understandable:) (in Trondheim) (30 km South of Trondheim close to E6) (South of Trondheim, guessing 45 km, 15 km of E6.)