Storing Propane


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wondering if anyone knows whether there are any restrictions on carrying propane on the rear of a trailer (USA)?


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Most of these rules will be regional. You should ask the local propane dealer. What is legal in Alaska might be illegal in Arizona. And what people do ALL the time does not make it legal. lol


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Thanks all. I knew about storing it in a vehicle. But hadn't heard anything aboit the rear of a vehicle. Calling a propane company is a good idea.


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The only limits I've seen was some CA language about tanks needing to be mounted in a way that minimizes potential damage in an impact. Basically don't hang it on the back of the bumper.


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An additional propane tank issue. When purchasing a new or use tank make sure the manufacturers date code is easily visible, properly stamped and not covered by any covers, brackets or straps. For whatever reason (liability) more and more propane refill outlets will refuse to refill the tank if the date code is out of date, covered or damaged/defaced. Generally speaking, tanks under 100lbs expire after 12 years and can be recertified for 5 years. We've been places where they don't care and also places where they've refused to fill our small tanks due to they can't read the date code (I drilled a hole in the collar, through a portion of the date code, to add a safety cage, which I've since removed to see the date code) good luck!
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I carry mine on the roof rack when traveling so the only issue is getting whacked by branches. Would never carry or store it inside the vehicle.


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We were stopped at a ferry crossing in TX, because our exterior mounted tank was not hooked up to anything. They require two shutoffs to be closed, the tank valve and the valves on the appliances. We simply turned around, drove out of sight, moved the tank into the interior of our FWC and got on the ferry. I purposely, can designed my swing away rear carry, so that I couldn't keep the hose attached, thinking that would be safer. I'd never forget to close the valve. The authorities didn't agree. I opted for the FWC factory installed propane system on the new Hawk