Structural questions, '98 Fleetwood Caribou


I bought this camper just this summer, knowing it had "some" water damage, but it turns out to be a bit worse than I first realized.

In particular the undersides of the rails are delaminating and the front passenger side anchor point is pulling loose.

How are these things framed, and what is the best way to beef up this mount point?

It is right below the fridge, so getting at it isn't easy. The eye bot is all the way to the outside edge. Is this eye just a lag bolt up in to a the edge of the out side frame member? Is that member a 2x4, or maybe just a 1x? It is hard to picture where a plate washer would fit above this, if it were threaded onto a nut. Would it be into a T lock sleeve scenario?

The bottom of this area is thin plywood over a void of 1x framing, below what seems to be 3/4 ply above.

I was originally planing to cover these delaminated bottoms by peeling back the edge metal and covering them with sheet metal, but that only addresses cosmetics.

Thanks in advance for suggestions,



It is likely framed in 1x2, maybe 2x2 in that area. That is what your tiedown ring is threaded into.

If that frame member is rotted it will have to be replaced.

Lots of threads about repairing rotted wood over on It is a common problem.