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It's been a while but in '97 & '98 I drove the Forester and the Outback with work and then in '99 managed a fleet of 19 Subaru Bajas that we drove all across the country for events. Never had any issues with them even with multiple people driving each one on a regular basis. All three models were peppy and the two wagons had great cargo space. The Baja was, well let's just say unique!

I've always wanted to open up on one of the WRXs and a twisty dirt road though! :smiley_drive:

I think Subaru is also the official state vehicle of Colorado, they're everywhere!

Bill Beers

...Are there any skidplates available for them?...

Paul Eklund is a local, (PDX, Oregon,) rally guy who has developed a lot of Subaru parts. He might be able to point you in the right direction for some taller suspenders as well.

This is the '98-'02 model front skid, followed by the same vintage rear skid.

And with 5 Foresters on the last winter Alcan, they can't be all bad! (Paul Eklund's Forester is far right column, middle row.)

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you guys should do something with a celica all trac......

I think the subys are cool but their mpg kinda sucks for their capability and everyone I know with a 2.5 has had issues. I would love to see a build up of an old one with low/high 4wd.


All of the subarus had there few issues here and there but none that I have ever seen were leave you stranded issues and working on a car lot driving wholesale unit and not worrying much at all about breaking them you would be shocked how far they will go and always make it back


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I have a hard time considering a Subaru as an expedition vehicle without either low range or a lower first gear. On even the most mild uphill section the car just doesn't have the gears to get up it. As a general highway, smooth dirt road vehicle for two people and gear, it is hard to beat. Anything you can do with a Subaru, you can find a vehicle that does it much better. However, taken as a whole, as a real world mountain vehicle in Colorado and Utah, they are pretty hard to beat.


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For that reason it would have to be an auto in my opinion. I had a couple of Loyales. One with a low range, one without, both were 5 speeds. Great cars and really really took a beating (pretty miraculous) but no low range, little torque of the boxer engine, and a 5 speed is very difficult when terrain starts getting tough.

Just my $.02 on it...


Has Subaru figured out a solution to their rear wheel bearings problem yet? Our 92 SVX and my buddy's 2002 WRX and 2005 STi need to have the rear bearings replaced every 10,000 miles like clockwork. :mad: I would LOVE a Subaru but I will never own another one until this problem is resolved. Until then, I'm enjoying my Suzuki SX4. No wheel bearing problems whatsoever, and an AWD system that's capable enough to keep up with my 2" suspension lift and oversize tires.


Scott Brady

Fun car!

My thoughts are a vehicle that can be purchased for less than $8,000, get better than 25mpg and be comfortable and practical for a family. I see cars in the craziest places of the world - it is worth the experiment ;)


My thoughts are a vehicle that can be purchased for less than $8,000, get better than 25mpg and be comfortable and practical for a family. I see cars in the craziest places of the world - it is worth the experiment ;)
A 4-door Suzuki Sidekick or Geo Tracker might fit the bill. Here's my mildly-built 4-door Sidekick (next to a stock one) before I replaced it with a pretty highly built 2-door Tracker.


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This is my mate's heavily modified 2000 Forester. I have the same car but it's more or less stock. He even dropped in the H6 3.0 6 cylinder engine in it!!!
It is an absolute weapon and perfect for touring.



^one of my favorites from ORS!

I just turned over 160k miles in my '99 foz, no big issues but will be replacing the HG's soon. Jealous of some of the accessories available for these cars in Australia:drool: I've got the typical American mods: Subtile Solutions lift, Primitive Racing skid and dif cover, 27" AT tires (HUGE lol)

Crusing down Nibwell Gap.

Taking a dip in this Jeep eating puddle, pretty sure I found his rut :smiley_drive:

Not fooling myself into thinking I'm driving some big rock crawling monster truck but the Foz's abilities never fail to surprise.

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