Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

My haphazard expedition car. Love this thing - the best Subaru I've owned, and I've owned five of them including this one. Currently, I have adjustable lateral links and KYB struts/RalliTEK springs waiting to be installed to finally make this car not stock. Skid plates will be next. Then maybe a roof top tent. I'd love to dual range/manual transmission swap it too. The factory rear limited slip and 3.0 torque make for a really good snowmobile though.

Subaru Camping
by Logan Utsman, on Flickr
Battle, I would forget the monstrosity of a RTT. Get yourself a nicer ground tent instead and keep the weight off the roof. Keep it simple, which also goes with the theme you've got going on your nice Outback, steel wheels and all. (y)
Man, I like the way you think! That Eureka tent pictured is still holding up, but it's way old now and the rain fly has seen better days. I probably need to upgrade it regardless. The RTT idea really would be for my GF's comfort. Then again, we've talked about buying an older pop-up camper to tow around.
Probably a good time for an updated picture of the Crosstrek.

I’m really reaching the point of limitations. Definitely not abandoning the platform, but the next steps are going to be long, tedious, and expensive.

- TD04 Turbo (just need to find a time I can have her down for a couple weeks just in case, then I’ll pull the trigger on the WRX turbo)
- Custom Fox/King Struts (again, need time. But also need to crap out like $1,200)
- Rear Bumper with spare mount and fold down table (likely the next move, as it’s the cheapest and easiest to still use my car daily while building.)

I should probably start a build thread.

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