Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!


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Here is my 08 Forester, ADF 2-2.5'' lift, Ko2s, Cb radio, Unity spotlight sealed beams in rubber housings for some serious light out front and front bumper cut for better approach angle. Was running a custom swing out tire carrier but decided to take it off recently for a cleaner simpler look, very impressed with what this car will do. Edit: Need to grab an updated picture of the rear sometime with no Tire rack and a different antennae mount



We use a TruckBedz fitted air mattress in our Outback occasionally, but I've never bothered taking a picture of it. I used it Saturday night for a short trip, and didn't even bother deflating it when I came home, so I took a picture in the driveway.

by Numbchux, on Flickr

It's very comfortable. When my wife and I both sleep in it, we sleep with our heads toward the back of the car, that way we can get out the side doors easily without disturbing each other. This means flipping the back seat bottom up to get a completely flat sleeping platform, but this limits the height a bit. When I slept in it myself, I left the seat bottom down, which gave me the height/length, but then the floor isn't flat so I have to sleep with my head towards the front, which makes much more of an ordeal to get out the side door. Next project is to find a way to open the hatch from the inside!


Probably a good time for an updated picture of the Crosstrek.

I’m really reaching the point of limitations. Definitely not abandoning the platform, but the next steps are going to be long, tedious, and expensive.

- TD04 Turbo (just need to find a time I can have her down for a couple weeks just in case, then I’ll pull the trigger on the WRX turbo)
- Custom Fox/King Struts (again, need time. But also need to crap out like $1,200)
- Rear Bumper with spare mount and fold down table (likely the next move, as it’s the cheapest and easiest to still use my car daily while building.)

I should probably start a build thread.

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Wondering if a Subie turbo would mess up the State of California's (People's Republic of...) smog certification standards...?


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Hi everyone !

I've followed this post for a long time now, and think it's time for me to contribute a bit ! So here is my rig !
This is a 1997 SF5 Subaru Forester with a 2" lift kit from ADF and 215/75/15 BFG KO2, 5speed manual and low range gear. Outfitted with roofrack, awning, RTT and my OB badge !
I'm pretty happy with it, next mods will be : spare tire carrier, kitchen and drawers on the back, dual battery system and more lights.

Here are some pics :

And that's mind kind of little adventures :

I hope you enjoyed the pics and the video ! Maybe it's gonna give you some inspiration for your build ;)
Feel free to ask me any question !

For more awesome Subaru content, you can find me here too :


Cool pictures everyone. I'm getting out of a Real Jeep Lj because of mobility problems ( just getting in and out) of it. And I'm liking the looks of the Subarus , especially since it'll be a DD and mild exploring vehicle. If I were to start with the 2010 year models to present, what model would ya'll recommend? for a 6'4" guy and 1 5'8" and a 90# lab? we'll not be camping ing just some mild country driving and hualin stuff. We're just beginning the **** Cancer battle, so all around ease of use is the priority. Thanks Mark