Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

Or you could install / have them install the JDM bars... or the Rhino Rack track RTS514 ......
For under $450 you could get both right and left JDM side rails online.
Or for twice that, you could get a nice Prinsu platform...
I don't have a Prinsu on my Outback, but I did have one on my GX470, and was pretty satisfied with it.
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Here's my 1979 Subaru Brat I've been working on since 2015. Took me a couple years to get it back on the road after fixing rust, painting, putting in all new suspension, bushings, brakes and swapping in a rebuilt cammed, high compression ea81 1.8l engine with a rare twin carburetor set up and a dual range 4speed transmission. I originally built it as a street car but after driving it around for a year I decided it would be way more fun if I could take it out exploring the local state forests, WMAs and go on camping trips in it. I've been slowly trying to outfit it a little better.

First time back on the road after rebuild
Lake front by Luke Hoffman, on Flickr

Put on a factory subaru brush guard and some vintage fog lights I found at a thrift store. Fog lights will probably be moved up to avoid smashing them as they hang pretty low off the bumper.
IMG_5986 by Luke Hoffman, on Flickr

Drove it around a lot, going on camping and mountain biking trips and had a lot of fun.

Cuyuna by Luke Hoffman, on Flickr
Camping by Luke Hoffman, on Flickr

Cuyuna 2 by Luke Hoffman, on Flickr

After putting about 4000 miles on it I decided it would be better off with a few more inches of ground clearance so I made some lift blocks to raise the front suspension and cranked the torsion bars in the back to lift it probably an inch over stock height. I also found a period correct winch and installed it on the brush guard.

Winch Mounted by Luke Hoffman, on Flickr

Raised by Luke Hoffman, on Flickr

I'm currently planning to build a fiberglass tonneau cover to secure my gear better, and probably make engine and diff skid plates, and a rear bumper to hold my spare because the 14" peugeot rims wont fit were the original spare fit under the hood.