Suggestions wanted on Alum trailer builder/brand.....


I am in the market to have a custom trailer built. I have been trying to work with ATC (aluminum trailer company) to little avail. Does anyone have a brand they would like to recommend? Preferably one you have had a custom trailer built with in the past. I know of a couple threads on here dealing with such trailers, been trying to dig them out with the search function.

I'm building a true 4 season toy hauler for full size toys (jeep). Starting with a 42' enclosed car hauler and am putting in a living quarters. As the trailer and living quarter will be two separate transactions I need the trailer built to my dimensions. It sounds simple enough till you put a salesman in the middle of two engineers (myself and the manufacturer). It will have the looks of a race trailer but a lot of extra insulation and layers not usually found on a trailer, as most are built to be weight conscience.
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Nuthouse Industries is about the most set up to build what you want.

They are not cheap though, but I’ve never seen anything negative posted about build quality so certainly worth an email or phone call.

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I had Proline trailers out of NH build my 5x8. They were super helpful and open to custom everything. Mine is fully insulated with a custom roof rack. They were a pleasure to work with.

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