Super cheapo van build, it's my fourth E350...


Speaking of which. At what point are you going to have to change the title of the thread? Those last couple of pics looked pretty "not super cheapo". :)

Still looking a lot cheaper than one of them 72 month booklets containing the Easy Payment Plan!


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I don't have any plans on buying a 5th van anytime soon or purchasing something newer.
I like my big old noisy dinosaur, it fits me perfectly.
Besides it's great having great friends in great places! Who really came through for me.

Did somebody say burnout video... ?


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It's been a long time since I updated this thread... opps. :rolleyes:

But recently I had to do some on the road maintenance due to a failing (2nd) d side f wheel bearing.. long story on that but!

Since had to replace the knuckle I asked if the springs I got for free could also be swapped in. He said sure. The springs were from a new 30ft E450 RV with less than 1k miles on it. A little bit of a gamble on how they would perform but that gamble paid off huge.
Along with the new bilstein shocks they lifted the front end up a tad over 1.5 inch from the saggy 20 yr old oe stuff. The ride quality is soooo much better and isn't harsh or anything negative. All positive.
Well worth the effort.
To match the front I added 1.75 blocks (and bilstein shocks) to the very low mileage leafs I did over a year ago. But due to the weight of my rig with the neg leverage from the bike hanging off the back the newish springs have lost the battle lol.
Maybe one day I'll get a set of r springs that do the job once and for all.

I wish I had taken before and after pics...
She sits so much nicer now and rides great.
The wheel alignment shop didn't have any issues getting it done. I even insisted they do the wheel alignment with the bike on it.. (because it lives there full time aka #vanlife lol. ) Honestly this van hasn't drove this nice, ever. It's a pleasure to drive, even at 8700lbs (with bike) she feels light and nimble crazy, huh?
Anyways, if you need new front springs, try to grab them from a new E450 RV.

Thought I'd share some info...

Till the next time I remember to ck in. LOL

I suck at pictures but here's two.


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I swapped in almost new 7.3 E350 coils and got a bit of lift, and some ride improvement. When I swapped in Moog 880s coils in the ride was way better and also the handling.

Even with a blown shock the ride was still decent (and by blown I mean the shaft pulled out of the shock body when I removed it). Given it’s a 9500 lb rig, it doesn’t handle like a small, nimble, sports car, but it’s 9500 lbs empty.

I’d highly recommend 880s with Bilstein H/D shocks if you’re a heavy with a 7.3 diesel.

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