Super Singles for 8 Lug MB Trucks (917,1120)


The stamped in number on my rims is

2228 22.5 x 11.75H 12-03 T

Don't know what this tells you but mine are 10 but wheels. You would have to be very sure that they are comparable with your axles before ordering



Hi Jon,
The availability of 22.5 is certainly better around the world and I think for the most part have better all around performance for on-road applications. I have a FUSO based camper which I had 19.5" Toyo M608Z tires on alloy rims. I switched to Toyo 16" Open Country tires and found they aired down much better and provided a softer ride ( leaf springs and cabovers can be rough) the draw back was they were not nearly as robust as the truck tires. In someways you really can't compare the two as the M608z were medium truck tires and the Open Countrys were really for a light truck.

Still, I know the XZLs will air down better, may provide a better ride, and will definitely be better in the mud. I will definitely make the switch when I find the right rims. i would prefer hutchinson but understand they are currently not available. I am going to be looking into that.



Hi Eric, any interest in selling the wheel/tire package? If all goes as planned we will be picking the truck up around April 15th in Georgia. We could drive down to the keys for the swap? Give you a couple of months to find some 20" rims. I pm'd you on the other thread so you will have my email.


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Looking at putting Michelin XZY-3 385/65/22.5 on 11.75 R22.5 Rims as the sensible choice on my Merc 1124 AF 4x4. Seen others who have fitted these on MB 1124 4x4s

However also read below link about XZY Wide base so 425/65/22.5 on 13 R22.5 Rims.

Given wheels and tyres are expensive, want to get the right option. Also still looking at merits of 20 Rims and being able to go XZLs. Next few years likely to be Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and North America. Realistically keep coming back to sensible option above but interested particularly with whether its worth going to the wider XZYs

Any views?

Cheers Tobias