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For those of you using the material under the mattress to help keep things dry, air circulating, etc. -- how are you "securing" it. I have some (, and it is great, made an amazing difference in under mattress moisture, but every time I fold the tent up, that half comes sliding down, and it is a headache to stuff it back in there. Or worse, it falls/slides down as I open the tent, and then it wants to get caught up in the hinge area. I may just safety pin the corners, but curious if anyone else has a better solution.
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I never noticed the moisture problem before under the mattress but I did after last weekend. There were 4 of us crammed in there though so maybe that is why. The youngsters are little heaters too. I felt like a bumper on a pinball machine.

I think I am going to end up going to a different mattress material though. After almost 5 years ours is losing it's cushioning.


My simple and comfortable solution to get rid of the condensation under the mattress was simply to use a Thermarest either on top or underneath of the RTT mattress. Works awesome, absolutely no condensate in the morning and way more comfy!

Give it a try!

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Ikea also has some boxes like that very cheap :)
we have a bunch of the Ikea ones for our kids stuff

fold flat zipper on the bottom

even some small ones for drawer organization

This thread needs a revival! On thing my wife bought ages ago was folding fabric storage boxes for dressers, so she could sort socks, underwear, or whatever mysterious goods that women feel they need to sort. However, the boxes were slightly too tall to fit in the drawers, and being the packrat I am, kept them just in case. Well this year I grabbed the biggest 2 and use them for in-RTT shoe boxes! Now your shoes can remain inside the RTT at night, no creepy crawlies and they contain the dirt. They fold flat when not in use and thus can stay inside the RTT. The ones I have use a diagonal zipper across the bottom to enable the fold, and I haven't been able to find another set like it. However these ones on Amazon are similar: foldable fabric baskets. The other thing I use a smaller one for is a level spot to keep my contact lens case and contact lens solution bottle upright in the corner. Here is another one from Debco.



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I am considering a mattress topper over the existing pad for my CVT RTT. Any idea how thick will still fold up in the RTT?

I added a layer of Hypervent under the matterss in my CVT RTT, and was surprised at how much it added to the thickness of the tent. Havent tried leaving the sleeping bags in there when I folded it up, but I imagine it may not fit anymore? I guess I would say don't go for a thick one? Others may have more experience in this.


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The product that we sell is not at all the same as the Masonry Matt product. It is similar to the dry mesh product from the UK and and is made in Europe.

We have now located a USA supplier and are working with samples to determine whether the quality and ventilation properties are good enough to include in our product offering. If so, you may expect to see us offering the USA made product at more reasonable prices.

Mike - cool to see you on here - I just ordered an AutoHome Columbus Carbon Fibre through the Dubai reseller but have looked over your site many times over the years... One suggestion - you have the gallery sorted by car brand which is cool - but would be good if there was another section sorted by tent model?


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My latest RTT Mod. It was 110 made sleeping comfy :)


hahaha - nice :)

Anyone got any more 12V friendly cooling ideas?

I'm thinking a solar panel with a direct feed to a fan - so as the sun comes up the fan will automatically kick on??

Still a few weeks before I get my tent and can start experimenting though :)

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