Surlys and Konas and Paratroopers, Oh MY!


Once upon a time, I went everywhere on my bike, a 2000 Kona Jake the Snake.
A cyclocross bike, I swapped in some skinnier road tires and a wider rear cogset/mech and ended up with a great all-around do-everything bike.

A marriage, kid, and 170 lbs later (didn't hardly ride at all during that period), I finally had to do something about it.
Since last October, I've knocked off about 120 and am now able to get back on my bikes without so much fear of breaking 'em.

My stable includes the aforementioned Jake, a Surly Long Haul Trucker, and a Montague Paratrooper.

I have plans for these, lots of travel, and I'll post here if anyone's interested. This includes the re-fresh of poor ol' Jake.



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Congrats on the weight drop. Good Job

The Jake is a good bike, do it all rig, I had a Surly Crosscheck as a commuter, beginner CX racer, followed by a Staggler only cause it had discs.

Both gone now but still have a old school Surly 1x1

Keep up the good work and pics are good


I don't like buying and selling bikes, cars, or much of anything... so I considered just finding a disc trucker fork for my Surly and running it 'mullet', with the cantis in back. I also considered doing the same for Jake.

That's how the Montague came when I bought mine, and it actually doesn't work badly at all... most of the braking power being in front anyway.