Suzuki Samurai Custom Camper Build

The Swiss

Expedition Leader
Very nice! I like it!
  • What does your contraption weigh?
  • How tippy did it get elevating the COG?
  • How do you seal to windshield and doors?
  • What kind of canvas do you use for the pop-up sides?


[*]What does your contraption weigh?-Not sure. It's VERY light. Compared to the fiberglass enclosures they already make for Samurai's, I'd say it's not much heavier. Sorry for lack of specifics, But it's light. When I'm done with it, I'll take it off and weigh it.

[*]How tippy did it get elevating the COG? It won't be tippy. There is no significant weight up high at all. Less than the rock crawlers have with their gas cans and spare tires on the roof.

[*]How do you seal to windshield and doors? Camper slightly overhangs doors. I will seal that small void with tubular foam/weather stripping.

[*]What kind of canvas do you use for the pop-up sides? Tarpulin. It's a VERY heavy wax impregnated canvas designed for wall tents.


Can you provide some more info on how the top is lifted and secured? It looks you have a very simple system, which is great.
Stand inside, at the rear first, push it up, swing up angle iron on a hinged system. Angle iron is cross braced for rigidity. Once that's done, hop up on the bed, lift the front up, swing up 16" tall legs into position, just like back. I might stabilize it on high wind days with rope, like a tent. It's pretty secure, but Utah can be violent at times.


Hopefully this is going to give you some ideas
I still think you're going to need airbags for the rear but that's 70$ fix+air
Good luck!
ABS Plastic 11lbs per sheet x 3.5 sheets=39 pounds
Plywood at 20lbs per sheet x 3.5 sheets=70 pounds
2"x2"x8' at 4lbs each x 12=48 pounds
1"x2"x8' at just over 2lbs x 10 each=20lbs
Canvas approximate weight=10lbs
Pop up supports=6lbs
Adding small cupboards, storage area=10lbs
Approximate total weight of camper=208lbs.

Me 175lbs, wife 115lbs, dog 55lbs, kid (not here yet)=345lbs of mammals.
10 gallons water=80lbs
Clothes, stove, pots, pans, cups, etc=20lbs
Extra payload from above=475lbs.

So 475lbs. of stuff, plus 208lb. camper=683lbs. + 2,000lb vehicle weight puts it at 2,700lbs which is well within the 3,000lb gross vehicle weight spec.

With that, I also took off the 50lb back give or take 100lbs of crap, I should be good to go with the gross vehicle weight. We will be packing light. Like a glorified backpacking trip with an internal combustion engine for assist.