Swing-Out Trash Bags


Don't you folks that use these bags for trash have issues with bears and racoons?
I haven't, yet. I likely would not leave trash in there if I was in brown bear country, but I have camped probably 12 months (cumulative) in black bear/racoon country and have had zero issues.

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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me
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For $47 total shipped, I took a chance on the trasharoo. If I get two years out of it, I will be happy. It will only be used during our camping and travels, so I hope that helps with longevity.


I'm getting ready for the NW Overlanding Rally next week, so I put my Trasharoo back on the Jeep. It only goes on when I'm going somewhere where I might be needing it. I've had it for about eight years now and it still looks good. I give it a good hosing-off when I'm done and let it dry before removing and storing for the next adventure.


These are coming on the market soon from Nomad Adventure Gear! PVC vinyl, 10K tensile strength webbing, ALL METAL HARDWEAR! Smaller ladder bag and large tire bag. These are prototype photos but final products will be very similar.
Thanks for posting! As soon as you have them up, post a link and I will update the original post.

Recommended books for Overlanding


Gentleman Adventurer
I believe that washing my Trasharoo has extended the life. . After every trip I hose it off and then hand wash it in the washer with a some soap rinse and spin dry. I just git rid of mine but it lasted about five years.