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Switcheroo is our truck. While it has lived a mild life since we bought it in March (or February?) of 2013, it is in the slow process of being built for a planned Rubicon trip (and all the adventures leading up to it) in September 2015. Then, we plan to pull the 'ol switcheroo and build it for glamper duty. :D

Something along these lines should do nicely. :cool:
I'll post up more sketches of this concept as I finish them.

But that's all future stuff. Here's where we started

2013 Toyota Tacoma
Access Cab
4.0 V6
Auto Transmission
TRD Off Road

I plan on putting all the mods in individual posts. I prefer reading builds like that because it's fun to watch the build unfold rather than finding out the ending before I even go on the journey. I hope we all enjoy the journey at least a little. :bike_rider:
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1 Bored Clerk

Tires - Round 1

First thing done to the truck was tires. I waited until this fall (2013) to put new tires on it because the stock tires were fine enough for summer duty.

Tires I've used:

BF Goodrich Rugged Trail - It's black, round, and made of rubber
BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM (RIP) - Really liked this tire
BF Goodrich All-Terrain - Meh...it's a fine tire...
BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 - I liked the KM better in all respects (for my usage)
Goodyear Wrangler MT (old style) - Had this tire on my 2007 FJ Cruiser. The tire (and the FJ) never really quite clicked with me

I decided to get something different this time. I love the look of MT tires but wanted something a little more suited to snowy roads. I wasn't thinking off-road snow here...more like ski hill snow. But I still wanted some decent go power in the mud. Blah, blah, blah...research...etc...etc...Goodyear Duratrac! Yes, I've heard the horror stories about sidewalls made of butter. Didn't really phase me but to be on the safe side, I bought the America's Tire replacement vouchers...you know, just in case. ;)

265/75R16 GY Duratrac. Load range C


Happy so far (a whopping 3500 miles). Not much road noise, fairly comfy ride and seem to have decent traction on wet pavement as well as slippery roots/rocks. My fiance says they were 'fine' in the snow. Ringing endorsements all around, then! :rolleyes:

I'm sure I'll have more to say later on this.

1 Bored Clerk

GPS Mount

Decided to finally learn how to use my Garmin 60CSX that I've had for 3 years...in it's box. Been spending more and more time farting around with it and 'enjoying' the MAC to Garmin interface. I really wanted to use the GPS to mark dead ends, cool lunch spots, swimming holes, and sweet camp sites when I'm out wandering. In the PNW, there are a billion logging roads that go NOWHERE and a billion more that spider all over the place...knowing which ones you've already found to go nowhere is pretty awesome after your 370th 6 point turnaround. Okay...learning how to use the GPS is great but using it in the truck is a separate matter. You need somewhere solid to mount it so you can both see the screen and use the buttons while putting along. I had seen several different threads on mounting these things using various clips, tapes, and hardware store items. I chose what I liked best (RAM mounts) and went to town on getting it done.

Here is a photo of it finished


Here is the thread that details the process and shows more pictures. After all, we all like more pictures.


1 Bored Clerk

Floor Liners

So, the Tacoma came with rubber 'all season' floor mats. They're fine and worked well for what they are but they're coverage is a little weak. I have seen the mighty Weathertechs firsthand and was impressed by the look but a little bummed about the coverage. They don't go all the way up the dead pedal on the auto trucks. Seems like a gross oversight. They're also a little low behind the pedals too. I've had the Husky classic series in previous Tacoma's (2000 regular cabs) and they were completely bomber...even if they looked a little industrial. So, I decided to go with the Husky X-act Contour liners. I REALLY like them. They fit incredibly well and the coverage is great. These liners are also very flexible (unlike the classic series that are crazy rigid), and not nearly as slippery as the classic series. I'll get to some of the 'unfortunates' after the pics

Driver's Side

Passenger's Side

Now, the 'Unfortunates':

1. Husky does not make a rear X-act Contour liner for Access Cab 2nd Gens. I noticed this on the website so I sent an email to Husky, expecting fully to get a standardized response in 3-6 months, and got a response the next day from a manager of customer service. He was a very cool dude and explained that Toyota had seen fit to change the access cab sheetmetal 3 times since the introduction of the 2nd gen Tacoma. 3 TIMES! He told me that Husky has three different molds and can't support the continual development of new molds with sales. I totally get that. They are working on a solution to this, though. Anyway, he offered to have me buy a set of the classic series rear liners and he would gladly swap them out for whatever new solution they come up with in the future. I certainly appreciated the offer but I decided to stick with the factory mats in the back for now. All good info and it was cool that Husky was on top of their customer service game.

2. Toyota has also changed the placement and style of front mat retention at least between the 2012 and 2013 Tacomas. I read a thread about these liners from someone who owned a 2012. He had to use Husky supplied 'carpet screws' to secure his X-act Contour mats. The mats still had a disconnect feature for easy removal but the carpet screw idea seemed ludicrous to me when the factory holes where within an 1" of the Husky liner holes. This bummed me out a little until my mats arrived and I realized that they use the existing Toyota floor mat retention knobs to secure the new Husky liners. Cool...drop in...no modification necessary. So, beware of this little fact!
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I'm going to simply link the (currently ongoing) build thread for these. I'll post up a finished pic in this spot when they're done but all updates on the build will be on the existing thread. FYI, the attached thread has info on requesting files to have your own bolt-on slider frame plates made. I put in the work and I'm sharing those files for free. If you are all worked up and want to make your own sliders but don't want to weld them on, take a look. Or, just take a look because I think my sliders are going to look cool. :)


Here are the finished goods. It's okay to dig my truck's treats. :drool:

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Tool Box

So, this isn't the most glamorous update but it is truck related so it stays. :)

I need to set up a new toolbox for the Tacoma. I picked this big dude up at Home Depot with a gift card I received for Christmas. It's a Stanley Fat Max. It's about 28" Wide x 12.5" Deep x 11.5" High. It seems pretty big but I HATE having my toolbox be a puzzle game to get everything to fit each time you need something. Plus, as you'll see in future updates, I have an even bigger box to put this one inside of. :D
Open with tray. Wicked exciting, no?
The tray even comes out! Game changer.
It has a nice rubber seal. Who knows if that actually works but it's a nice thought, anyway.
Check out that hinge. It hinges like crazy!
First additions: Mil-Spec Green 'Duct' style tape and Electrical tape. The Green 'Duct' tape is legit. Super strong and it sticks really well.

I got a plastic box because they make less noise banging around and don't rust. I'm not afraid of plastic...unless it breaks, at which point plastic is the devil. One other thing I like about this box is that there are two very nicely shaped (and usable) handles molded into each end. When a box gets really heavy, I don't always trust the single handle up top. Nice to have another option. I'll post up what I put in here and how it holds up.

1 Bored Clerk

Haha, I'll keep that in mind as I build it! I kind of just want to skip to this stage but I need to be patient...I guess.

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Pool Boy
I feel the same way. I would love to just start building the camper that I really want, but I will have to wait until I have the funds and time to do so. Love the concept and how it is not wider than the truck and how it isn't crazy big, just the essentials.

1 Bored Clerk

I'm taking the next year or so to really work out the details and layout so that I'm really sure it's going to be what me and my fiancé need/want.

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