Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

They look interesting but TOTALLY LOST ME at the YOLO pant. Please stop the drake naming scheme. He's a ****wit...and using his "catchphrase" makes your company look like one too!
Where are you seeing "YOLO pant"? The only 'yolo' I found was the partnership with @thewildyolo and the associated t-shirt, which is a different entity entirely.


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The most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn or owned.
RailRiders Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant

I have had five pair for well over five years, maybe more, and they still looked brand new when I gave them away a month of so back.
They got worn every day at work climbing in/out of work rigs, and on weekends.
The key is not to dry them after washing them, just hand up and they will be dry in a few hours.

I lost some weight this summer, so I went the next size down and bought four new pair, and they now have them in black, probably from me pestering the owner to come out with a black version :D
Extra material where it is needed, and they wear like iron.

I did buy a pair of Mountain Khaki's earlier in the year, and they are not very comfortable, certainly not even close to the comfort of these RailRiders.
Wearing a black pair as I type this.
I like how the ankle has a Velcro enclosure too, so if the pants are a hair long, no worries, they will stay up and not drag below your foot.
I had to have the Mountain Khaki's taken up a few inches.

Give these a try, you may never ever wear a pair of jeans again.
And you can often gt them on sale too for $80 instead of the full price.
Call them and ask if there is a discount code, or subscribe to their catalog and email alerts, that will tell you when there is a discount on all of their clothing.
Never had a pair fail on me yet or rip.

When I was farming and ranching full time, my carhartt were the best- almost industable. Still a go too for fencing, working livestock, hay, etc.


Im currently working a contract where my workdays are spent in an office, as the SHE coordinator for a large company. ( 10+yrs experience as a firefighter/AEMT. ) Yup, i'm the dreaded "safety" guy. I use 5:11 "EMS pants" for medic work, they are comfortable, and the DuPont stain stuff works wonders.

So now i use their TDU pants in the office in Khaki. Comfortable, tough and look good for the office environment. I also use them as my "adventure pants,"( as my brother and i call ours). They have been in multiple countries, and have successfully fought off Red clay & mud, blood, and a host of other things. Not to mention they are easy to find, unlike some bespoke mfgrs. I have a few pairs that have taken a beating and still going strong. One pair took some nasty rock rash after a climbing fall. I was afraid the small hole would tear and create a problem spot, so far so good and that was 2 yrs ago. They are my go to for travel, and camping now.


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