SX4 Trail Ready Paragliding Expedition Vehicle

Day 16

Oh Crap Handle

This is an Attwood Corporation 2054-5 Black Gray Vinyl Grab Handle. Usually used in marine / boats. I cut a piece of aluminum strap to use as backing.

Notice the new notch in the backing plate to fit over a piece of plastic behind the dash. I put some liquid nails on it and drilled to holes in the dash.

Looks almost Oem? haha

Its large enough to get both hands on it too. My wife is going to love it. It turned out very solid and sturdy.

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Day 18

Front Skid Plate

I just installed my front skid plate tonight. The skid plate is manufacture by Rocky Road Outfitters in Heber, Utah. Turned out pretty good.



Wire twister
I've ridden in this car, and I think I recall it being hi/low. Looking forward to riding in it again, it's great fun. :) Makes me miss cars, a little.
really interesting reading your mods , In UK we dont have the auto option , but you can buy the SX4 2wd or The SX4 4Grip (4WD)
There is also the Fiat Sedici all of which are 4x4 Its a Fiat badge on a SX4 couple of trim differences , they all come with a 1600 VVT suzuki engine or 1.9JTD Fiat diesel which also has a 6 speed man trans instead of the petrols 5 speed.
Day 19

Front Tow Points

These D-rings are bolted to the crash bar. I definitely won't be lifting the weight of the vehicle with these. Its just a more convenient hook on point than under the car. There are factory tow points under the car, but they are only good for a few angles. If you used the factory tow points with the nose down it would put horrible pressure on the front plastic fascia. So, these D-Rings are as good as I could do.

The brackets are from a jeep wrangler rear bumper [Jeep CHRYSLER OEM 07-16 Wrangler Rear Bumper-Mount Bracket]. The D-rings are welded to the jeep bracket and are rated at 10,000lbs. I doubt the crash bar could handle any load like that.

Day 20

Hatch Mounted Tire Carrier

Just thought I would add some pictures about my tire mount addition to my build thread. I got this idea from seeing the Renegade at the SEMA 2017 show. So I worked out some calculations and started putting together some parts. I first found a lift support that might work. I found a set that had 250lbs lift force and the 10mm steel ball socket cup. Extended length of 17.30in and compressed length of 10.63in. Testing out the new high pressure lift supports.

Here is a picture of the Mount with some of the aluminum backing plates. I welded some 1 1/8 steel strap to the bottom of the mount as well. Now I have 4 mounting holes at the top and 5 at the bottom. This helps to better distribute the weight.

You can also see the location of the momentary switch. You just put you hand through the lowest spoke hole and push the button and pull up. The hatch opens pretty easy. After using it this way for a week, I'm really happy with the button and the door opening process.

I love how it functions about 8 out of 10. The reason I gave it only 8 of 10 is because I think this solution works great for me, but the weight of the tire on the door makes it so this carrier would never really be something that would be a mass produced accessory for "everyone". Most aftermarket accessories are made to withstand the abuse of the average idiot..While this mount holds the tire solid and works great... It wouldn't be a good solution if someone was slamming it all the time or jumping up and down on it... you know things an idiot would do.

I love how it looks 10 out of 10.
Day 21

Cargo Pockets upgrade

Cargo Pockets are done. I used an old cargo net from my Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) and CAREFULLY cut it and modified it to make net cargo pockets to hold my paragliding gadgets (wind meter, radio, altimeter, gloves etc) I just drilled a series of holes then poked the net end through and then laced a cord through on the backside so that it could never pull back through. I really like how it turned out.

Day 22

License Plate Relocation

Yesterday I relocated and integrated a trailer licence plate frame into the fascia of my rear bumper. It is also hooked up to the park lights and illuminates with 3 small leds. I had to relocate my license plate because of my tire carrier.. so I guess now I can call my Tire carrier project complete. I have also added mud flaps. I just noticed in this picture you can see the button to open the hatch through the spoke hole.

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