T-case problem Looking for a little help and insight

Looking for a little help and insight:

I just pick up a 2002 Montero Sport. I think I am the 2nd or maybe the 3rd owner. The truck is immaculate, all the brake lines have been replaced, new suspension parts and a stack of receipts going back to the original date of purchase from a dealership in Georgia. There is no rust on the underbelly, but just a minor area on the rear rocker panel. Best of all NO leaks… but there appears to be a problem with the T-case. When I put it into ADW I get a grinding sound, and it appears to not lock into park. The only way to drive it is in 4H, 4L seems to work fine as well, the other side of the problem is that NONE of the 4H or 4L indicator lights light up on the cluster. Not sure where to start, reading some of the threads this could be a shifter problem, vacuum solenoid problem or even a T-case on it’s last leg.

Owning a plow company is have dealt with my fair share of 4x4 problems (at 4 am) but mostly on GM and Fords, this is my first time dealing with import vehicle.

Any help would be appreaciated.



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I doubt you would know when the last time the driveline fluids were changed but the cheapest route to see if it solves your issue is drain and fill with new fluid and see if that solves the issue other than visually inspecting.