#t4rv3 1999 4runner Limited build thread

Saint Nick

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Well with just an adjustable panhard bar, you only correct the axle’s position and not the geometry angle of the bar itself. A couple companies sell the drop bracket for the upper mount but that increases roll center. Some sell an extended bracket for the lower mount, and that lowers roll center but the panhard bar is still not within the oem geometry it once was at. So I found eimkeith’s kit to be the best of both worlds and when measuring geometry before and after, verified exactly where I want the panhard bar to be at. I might do a beefier 4-link rear mount in the future and that’s when I might need an adjustable panhard for specific tune-ability. But for now, this suites my exact needs 🤗
Fair enough. Didn't think about it to that level, but understand why you've done it that way now (y)



Starting work on front ‘removable’ half 1ACB7F70-7B91-44B0-B7F0-854ED14299EA.jpeg44412E16-7FAC-465A-92B0-D79699A96BBB.jpeg
Then I designed a swivel-a-way system to utilize all the little space we have in our 3rd gens. The seat backs (when locked up in seating position) lock at an angle. If I were to build stationary stands to hold the front half, I would lose about an inch and a half of forward-back space. So I made these swiveling legs that fold in sequence in order to stay clear out of the way when the seat backs are folded upwards