tablet mounts first gen tacoma


so i have a Samsung Tab 4 10.1 tablet, loaded offline GPS systems, both on and offroad and topo maps.
I purchased a ProClips tablet charging/locking/swivel cradle, now im on the hunt for the mount to mount it to the truck some how. Ive looked at Rammounts and theres no vehicle specific for first gen tacomas.

what do yal have that works, what doesnt work? links and or pictures are great.

I have a 5spd 4x4 so it cannot get in the way of shifting, but i would like it higher than the radio so i can just glance over instead of looking down like i do when messing with the radio.


I'm currently in a similar situation looking for a tablet mount for my iPad in my manual trans 4Runner. I have been more than impressed with my RAM mount products for my phones, so I'm leaning towards their Tab-Tite cradle and mounting one of the 1.5" ball mounts somewhere on my dash or console. I haven't figured out where yet, because I don't use my tablet 24/7, and when removed I would rather not have a weird ball mount just bolted in plain view.


Yeah, being able to not see the mount when not in use would be awesome, but since my tablet cradle has a charging connection it will be hard wired so im stuck with permanant mounts, although it doesnt bother me. i just need the passenger to be able to sit normal without the mount getting in their way too much.

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Expedition Wannabe
I'm not familiar with the mount you have purchased, but how about a flexible arm you can bolt to the seat rail and then fold away when not in use?