Tacoma aluminum Pop-up

A year ago I purchased a beat up high millage 2007 Tacoma TRD Off Road with hopes of making a place to crash in the back. Ive always been into my parents 89 westfalia 2012-07-26 16.36.13.jpg

The truck came with a snugtop that I slept in a few nights but wanted more head room, I really wanted to be able to sit in the back on a little platform bench so I sold the snugtop and found an ARE MX cap with windoors. It was nice but I still really just wanted more head room.

My new plan was to modify an aluminum contractor cap to extend over the cab and pop-up A-frame style like a Vanagon.

  • I wanted the leading edge to be as low as possible to reduce windage
  • Resemble a contractor cap as close as possible when closed
  • Two sleeping areas, upper loft and lower bench/ bunk
  • As much storage as possible
  • Heat and insulation
  • Room to carry snowboards inside

I am currently in Jackson Hole WY waiting for some snow to come through using this camper and here is brief picture diary of the build process. It took 7 months off and on and probably spent around $5000 on all the material as well as truck modifications.

  • Truck currently;
  • 2007 tacoma TRD Off Road access cab
  • 255 85 16 Cooper ST MAXX tire
  • OME 3 inch lift w/ Dakar rear springs
  • Columbia overland Dual Battery Box
  • Two group 35 Diehard Platinum Batteries
  • Traxide 160 battery isolator
  • 4.9 gallon LP tank from a westfalia mounted inside the frame rail on the drivers side
  • HID headlight mini D2s retrofit
  • one-off aluminum Pop-up camper

2014-07-18 17.32.41.jpg
2014-07-18 17.32.52.jpg
2014-07-18 19.25.47.jpg
2014-07-18 20.28.42.jpg
2014-07-19 15.01.28.jpg
2014-07-19 16.03.14.jpg
2014-07-19 23.04.28-1.jpg
2014-07-20 12.02.26 HDR.jpg
2014-07-20 12.04.33 HDR.jpg
Looks interesting. Waiting to see more.

(From here, the second picture in second post is upside down. Third and fourth picture in that post look to be rotated 90* -portrait orientation displayed as landscape - the rest of the pictures look upright as they should.)


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I have not messed with flickr though, so I am not sure if it has the rotation option. From what I can view though, the rig is super sweet!
Thanks guys, I've got some hrs in it for sure. The cap proly weighs 250lbs or so but not sure. I just know two of us can lift it to put it on. All the cabinets are modular and with 40 lbs or so a piece