Talk me out of trading my pro4x fronty for a new Armada

I don't want or need the truck bed. I need room for people & dogs with a ski rack on the roof.
I am reading what you are saying but what I am hearing is "low mileage 2012 V6 R51." I am biased of course and I just had some pretty strong chai. So take that for what it's worth.
I want to buy the armada! I just want to use somebody else's checkbook to do it. MPG is a waste of conversation, my frontier gets 16.3 avg the 6 years I've owned it. I do crazy highway miles & big Colorado pot holes on ice, no trails
That economy sounds about right for a Frontier. I would expect the Armada to do better. Armada also gets you full time 4WD, just leave the knob in "auto". It may be a bigger engine, but it is a more modern engine as well. Direct inject with 11:1 compression. Gets more work done for each drop of gas. Amazing they can run that much compression and use regular gas. So long as you stay away from the new found horsepower you should see better mileage. If you bury the fun pedal, it isn't going to get better mileage. But it will be a lot more fun.

If an SUV better suits you over a truck, an SUV is a better choice. No point in keeping something you don't want.
Where did that come from? I can easily afford it, but just because I can doesn't mean I should. I like my money unspent, which is where my agony arises. Plus there's absolutely nothing wrong with my frontier... Its a sensibility issue, not a lack of cash.
Well I'm probably going to do it anyway... I'm having a former factory demo shipped in--Super low miles, originally registered in beautiful Smyrna Tennessee
The salesman at Mossy Nissan here in Houston tried to tell me that the snow mode on the 2wd was just as good as having 4wd. Yeah....right. Cuz it won't be him freezing his #&!@ off with no cell service on the side of a mountain 12 miles outside of town in the dark when he's wrong. I hate dealerships