Tall Double Sleeping Bags?


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I am 6'4" and want to get a double sleeping bag to share with my wife but the Big Agnes and Nemo bags I have looked at only support up to 6'2" (BA) and 6' (Nemo). Anyone know of a good solution? I'd prefer not to have to scrunch up as I have in some past sleeping bags.

Ed B

Not the cheapest solution but you can buy two of the Nemo MEZZO LOFT™ LUXURY 30 SYNTHETIC SLEEPING Bags and zip them together. They show them fitting up to 6'8" and would be a couple of inches wider than the double bag. This also means you would have to buy two pads to slip in to them.


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I ended up settling on the Big Agnes Cabin Creek. I was able to try it out before I bought it. Unlike mummy bags, length does t matter so much because there is so much lateral leg room. It seems to work very nicely and I am looking forward to trying it out for real this weekend.


I know your frustration

I am 6'7" and have had a hard time finding a bag. I finally found a lightweight down mummy bag for bike travel and I guard it with my life, as I don't know that I would be able to find another one. For vehicle travel, I use a Caribou Mountaineering bag. I don't remember the model but it zips to a Caribou coupler that holds two Therma-rest camp rest pads. We have been using it for quite a few years and it has worked great. It basically makes into a king size bed, yet breaks down to a small bundle when stored. When travelling, we keep the bag and coupler zipped together and just fold it into a stuff sack and the pads go into their stuff sacks. Not even sure Caribou still sells my set up but if they do, I would certainly recommend looking into it.

The Wiggy outfit seems like a good alternative if the above is no longer available. In fact I bookmarked the site just in case. Good luck in your search and let us know what you find.


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Check out North face bags. Got mine at REI last year, they have multiple sizes. I am 6' and I still have room at my feet.


I'll toss on another vote for the Coleman XL bag. I'm 6'4" and can easily fit the wife and I along with our Pug who always seems to take up as !much space as possible haha.
We have the North Face Dolomite Double bag in regular (fits up to 6') and like it a lot. It's a 20°F bag. They also offer it in a long size which fits up to 6' 6".