I am not an expert in tea but normally drink it instead of coffee. I like it unsweetened hot or cold. I have tried many teas and like most of them but my favorite is Good Earth Sweet and Spicy. It has no sweetener but is naturally slightly sweet tasting from the blend in it. I also like green tea in the evening.


I drink English breakfast tea in the mornings.
For me high quality loose leaf tea. I buy these paper tea bags. Very little mess with easy clean up. Simply put a spoon full of tea into the paper bag then tie a knot into it.
When done I squeeze out the excess. No need to rinse out a tea leave filled pot so less water used on the trail and the used bags compact nicely when on the trail.
Recently started putting in a bit of oak milk. Oatley or Califa barista blend. Very rich like 1/2&1/2 but better IMO. Then a spot of honey