Tembo Tusk Scottle Recipes, Tips and Tricks

Anybody know how we could make twist-together leg segment joints, like pool cues have? Now THAT is a nice upgrade that I would gladly purchase . . .

Thinking more about it, Tembo Tusk needs to start selling a premium version of the skottle kit: twist together legs, eyebolts with 2/3rds of the threads removed for faster mounting, and a drop-down mounting solution that allows the burner to maintain a nice, low simmer. I'd pay 50% more for those options.

Hopefully this isn't bad form chiming in on this thread, but does anyone have a skottle they'd like to sell? I'm on the hunt and haven't had any luck yet.
Exposed two friends to the skottle this weekend. Just cooking up some Jalapeno Cheddarwurst and wraps had them amazed. Even simple gets the point across. I love the skottle.
We just returned from a 9 day CO trip where we flew in, rented an RV, then flew back. I packed my skottle legs in a checked bag and carried the rest on in the BROG bag. Lugging the disk around the airport was a little inconvenient, but we had no issues with security and I was so happy to be able to cook outside while we were there.