Tembo Tusk Slide


Tembo Tusk Standard size straight pull refrigerator slide with cutting board attachment
I had this installed in my Land cruiser for about 8 months.i was using it for my Arb 50 and it fit great. It has a few scuffs but besides that it is in good condition and functions very well. Absolutely built for multiple lifetimes. The cutting board attachment is awesome and sturdy as well.
$450 paypal
I am open to shipping but the buyer pays and I will deal with boxing it up. It is a beast so I guess it might be around $50 or so to ship.
Local would be even better. I live in Littleton, CO.

Thank you


This is a fantastic deal. I purchased one of these last year and paid about $850-900 when it was all said and done. Wish this would have come along sooner. Great piece of gear and a very good price. GLTS!