Tent Decision


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Hey all. Could use some help buying a tent. I have a smaller Mountain Hardwear, but looking for a 4P tent for upcoming trips with friends.

Mainly deciding between the Marmot Tungsten Ultralight 4P and the MSR Zoic 4P. If you have experience with either brand, I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!


Both Marmot and MSR make great tents.

If you are looking at those, be sure to add BigAgnes to your list.
Our current tent is a BigAgnes Copper Spur HV. Im impressed.


I have the tungsten 2 person it’s my river camping tent And I really like it. Bang for your buck they’re hard to beat. I think what you pay for above the tungsten is weight savings and if you arent counting ounces I think the most important things are features vs cost.

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Marmot had a spell in the mid-2010's where the waterproof coating on the fly/tent bottom went bad in ≈3 years. They replaced the 2 tents without hassle(except having to wait about 6 months to receive the replacement). The replacement units are haven't failed yet, so maybe they've solved that issue.


I am not familiar with those two tents. I have a Big Agnes that I am pleased with. One thing I like is a tent that uses DAC poles and one that uses clips instead of having to thread the poles through a sleeve on the tent.