Thanks for all the ideas!

I have to thank everyone for all the ideas I stole for my Bantam tc3. I didn’t do a build thread, I don’t think I had any earth shattering new ideas to share. The only thing I did that I have seen done before was build my removable spare tire carrier with a spindle and hub assembly. Other then that, I borrowed from all of you. Thank you,0A6886D8-464B-4A4A-9BC0-0EA022846FB5.jpegEF87CD2A-F4B0-4BB1-9CEE-36A3C053D3BC.jpeg


Looks great, but please share more pics ands what you did. Although we all steal ideas from each other, its great to see the work everyone does.


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Nice build! Copying is a form of flattery!
On that note, I like the look of square fenders, may I ask where you found yours? What size are your tires? Thanks