That Devil Wind


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I've searched the archives and it's been touched on, but what's the deal with trailer-top tents when it's blowing 25 and gusting 35? Those numbers happen throughout the desert SW, particularly in Baja. I know the bottom edge of the tent is secure, but does it bellow and howl like Oprah at a buffet? Does it snap and fall flat like the French border guard? In other words, when it's blowing like stink do you have to fold up the circus and head for your tow vehicle?
Also, it looks like the Maggiolina (sp?) might be stiffer in a blow than the Overland...thoughts?

I've got the speed wobbles, folks; considering the trailer route over a truck and pop-top.

Any tent owners/ specialists, do drop in...




We had the "Conqueror" with a dome tent up top and a that STIFF wind in Death Valley was never felt.

We await the arrival of our new Horizon and will have it with us later this summer. I'm sure that we'll be exsposed to winds here in the NW and later when we take it to Baja, so will have to postpone any empirical data for a bit.

I will say that last January we were in a horrific wind in Namibia and a couple of girls were camped near us (Sossuvlei Dunes). The next a.m. I asked if they were blown about and they responded that they felt only slight movement. At least, that's what I think they said. Mein Deutsch is nicht gut.



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Well yeah, but that's just Namibia...:bowdown:
What are those things sprung with, I-beam poles?
Thanks My. Fly.
Any thoughts re: the Mag versus the Overland?

While I came to this forum full of truck-n-camper intentions, I do lean towards a trailer and my (very) trusty existing Nissan 'Terra.


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