The 130


Gearing up - paring down
Finally found a 130 a few weeks ago. Scabby old 1987 RHD work beast, but an importable 130. Bought from private seller, now at Foley's in UK getting some chassis work, new suspension and bushes, brakes, 2.5NA motor turn up and maintenance, etc.

Found new take off fuel tank, tub and tailgate complete, rear cab panel, and rear upper window panel locally for a reasonable price. Will have a decent little truck legal for import.


Gearing up - paring down
For this particular legal 130: 5,200. Yeah, kinda happy with that, to say the least.

Keep in mind:
Good 2.5NA motor, gearbox, and transfer box
Newer 300Tdi bulkhead.
Seatbox needs work.
Frame needs massive work.
Bushings all need replaced.
Grill is busted, body kinda scabby.
Doors need work.
Scabby utility box on back end.

But: Box on back is scrap, had to find a box. Which I did, new take off 130 box complete with tailgate, brackets, and I also got the fuel tank, interior trim, and lower rear cab panel and upper cab panel with windows, also NTO. Hell of a good deal on these parts.


Three criminal heroes
Oh, that is a thing of beauty!

Please tell me you will post your progress with lots of pictures? Love the 130, but my next one will be a D90. I got the people hauler, next is the two person extreme terrain vehicle.


Gearing up - paring down
Not too shabby dude. ;)

Oh, it is shabby AF! But it will turn out nice.

Soon to be on American soil. You will see it there before year's end, I am sure! Foley's is taking care of the major frame issues,
We have some other stuff to switch pver once it gets stateside. It will not be a brand new Defender, but it just may be a combination of 2 Defenders we currently own... :)

Man, I have got some wrenching, dismantling, and shipping to do.


Gearing up - paring down
Not much to update. Truck still at Foley's, and we have been getting our 300Tdi 110 Utility prepped for a trip to Iceland. So far:
- New BFG ATs
- installed radio/speakers
- Bosch 100W driving lamps
- 1500W inverter
- heated seat kits and recovered seats with ExMoor vinyl
- installation of diesel air heat system under new ExMoor cubby
- LED lighting in rear cargo area
- added 12V outlets, USB outlets, voltmeter, Blue Sea fuse box
- Bilstein B6 shocks all around
- new front door seals
- moving Nakatanenga rack off the Puma onto this truck for Howling Moon tent

So, not much 130 goodness, but some 110 fun!