The best adventure travel boots.


I was on a hunt in late January in a remote mountainous part of New Mexico and my partner was wearing a pr of Cabelas hiking boots with a rubber rand around the base of the upper, near new. He had worn the boots at that point for several months of light intermittent use, we were on a moderately steep loose scree slope typical of the terrain we had been in for the week. It was a 3 hr hike in down a canyon with dry falls, large boulders etc. the boots soles both delaminated, one completely the other partially. I wrapped paracord around both as well as cutting holes in the completely detached sole to create a sandal I then tied to the upper. I was wearing a pr old school Chippewa 6“ work boots with yellow label Vibram that are stitched and glued. Those took the abuse and are no worse for wear. I read reviews of different high end trekking, light mountaineering boots and most have at least one review that speaks of sole delamination. Name the brand, it seems to happen. Is this simply a function of the migration to glued or molded construction rather than stitched? This was a potential disaster given the weather and location at the time. He was carrying a 75lb pack with poor stability and a 3 hr walk out. Fortunately we got out before nightfall. He plans to buy Lowa Tibets next.
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