The Best Road Sign in Utah? You be the judge...


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Nice report. Where is that sign exactly? I looked around in area around Hanksville in Gmaps, couldn't locate it.


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I believe it's just off of UT 24 between Green River and Hanksville. The road sign is not on the paved road, it's on the dirt road that leads to the Hans Flat ranger station. 46 miles sounds about right for the road from UT-24 to Hans Flat Ranger Station.

On Google Maps the road shows up as "Lower San Rafael Road." Approximate location would be 38.623208, -110.570965.
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Thanks for the kind words...Martin is right...Just off of Highway 24. East of the entrance to Goblin Valley State Park. Get out there enjoy:)


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I've been on that road two different times, and have to agree it is one of the best road signs in Utah. Great write up.