The black and white thread (film or digital)


I often take long exposures in my backyard late at night while the family is asleep. It's fun to play around with the movement of the clouds and trees.



Scrolling through previous pages, I love this thread! I've been shooting lots of B&W over the last year or so. I dig it.


Recommended books for Overlanding

Overlanding the Americas: La Lucha
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
From $20
Drive Nacho Drive: A Journey from the American Dream to t...
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Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
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Thornton Melon's Kid
I was going through my photos the other day sorting some out to print off. I cam across this one I forgot I did in B&W.


Thornton Melon's Kid
Wow Rattler, I'd like to see the color version of that classic ride
It was taken at the Frankenmuth Autofest last summer. Its one of the nicest car shows in Michigan IMO. Mob Steel used one of my photos of a Lincoln they had there too.


Rural southern Utah in mid-March. I'll be driving these roads again next week, one of my favorite parts of the country.

Recommended books for Overlanding