The DiscoDavis Discovery 1 Mayhem Thread

I'd suggest a Syncro transmission from Shabs Percy. Ashcroft are good - but have lost the way slightly now they are so big. Shabs hasn't...
Long time since I updated this.

Elizabeth made it all the way to August doing about 60 miles a day driving to and from work, about 6000 miles since we got her with the screaming 5-speed. Kept changing the fluid every few weeks, every time it looked dark and had metal sand particles in it. Then late one summer evening the transmission started a terrifying rattle right after leaving the freeway near home. Nursed her back into the driveway and she's been parked there since. I kept my promise and there is now an Ashcroft gearbox sitting in the barn waiting for her. Not sure yet when it will go in, but I haven't given up on our Arizona adventure car just yet.

Cannot say I have ever seen a drivetrain component look this clean. Especially not on Elizabeth...

Last week dropped her off with the expert car surgeon Colin @ CT

Several mad dashes around the area scrounging parts up later,
>clutch plate
>slave cylinder
>clutch fork (got two since not sure what fits)
>fan clutch (elizabeths is seized solid) (for later)
>some U joints I had sitting from the 110 (Colin called and said all of mine were bad on Elizabeth... whoops)

Then came in a text message from expert car surgeon:

"You need a transfer case"
"The center pinion shaft nut lost its stake and backed off"
"The main gear ran into the case"

That explains part of the horrendous racket the last few days she drove.

They found a case and that's going on the car as well. To be continued
Hopefully it's an LT230Q; a nice upgrade if you had an earlier suffix
Sadly in this case the mandate was: closest and cheapest case we could find in the best shape. Would have been really nice to find a Q though. Honestly it will be a night and day improvement over the howling siren song of the dying drivetrain she had before. ;)
Update 12.22.2017

Right before Christmas, was hoping she would be done, BUT it has been a rats nest of unknown issues that continue to crop up.

>Ashcroft R380 in
>"New" (donor) t-case in
>reverse light switch in
>diff lock light switch in
>2x new U joints on propshafts
>new clutch plate in
>new clutch fork in
>new throwout bearing in
>new brake master cylinder in (completely leaked out the old one over 1 month)
>new rear axle brake lines (had been without working rear axle brakes since ???)

Remaining issue is a very weird softness in brake pedal, possible piston/caliper issue somewhere... TBD

The shop/Colin has done 100% of the heavy lifting on this car, I don't think I'd be able to cover all these items stacked up. The LT230 we got was an odd one, was a later case (1997-98?) but it had a non crossdrilled input gear set, so Colin got one ordered from Ashcroft and we waited until that came, then he swapped the two sets for a good and durable trans/Tcase combo.

To be done when it comes back home:

>new fan clutch (no more jet engine sound)
>rear lamp guards I found
>new door spare that matches current 5.5's
>front fascia rebuild
>rewire some electrics
>rear CT lamp like her sister.

Hope you all had a nice holiday
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Got the car back last night, drove it to work today. Laundry list of things replaced:

>Ashcroft R380 installed
>new clutch plate
>new fork (cast LR model for anyone interested)
>new throwout bearing
>new clutch slave
>"new" LT230 later suffix
>new ashcroft input gear set for LT230
>3x GKN joints, still got the rubber donut, did that one new a few months back
>every electrical switch related to this work was swapped out, so reverse lamps work, diff lock light now works!
>new starter wire (old one was routed wrong?, pretty baked by exhaust)
>new rear axle brake lines
>new brake master
>all brake lines bled

Sure I am missing an item or two, will correct.

>Found a tire close enough to the pizza cutter size and fit it on a spare wheel lying around.
>popped a new fan clutch on, for the first time in over a year you can hear the motor itself, not just the turbofan vacuum cleaner sound of doom

Need to print an idiot sticker showing which way the fan comes off, took a while to figure out it was opposite the tdi one.

Shifts super nice now.
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Awesome! Keep up the good work. Love these D1s
Thanks! Still at it... always something to do next

Love the dixon-bate!

This truck soooo needs 245/75/16 KM2s!
Sadly only the 2 tonne model! Whenever I find another 5 tonne and find some plate to reinforce the bumper it will be camel spec. And I wanted to keep with the 205 85's but nobody makes a decent tire that's reasonably available... I hear duratracs are in 215 85 so will try those... ;)

Better pic from covfefe shop today
That cars had some serious work to it.

Now get the underside treated to preserve it.
I do love a clean unmolested D1. Such a simple design to it.

For this car, personally the “less of more” approach is how I would go.