The Dogs of Overland Expo 2015


Unfortunatley my cameras battery charger fried on me on the way out to the Expo.

It wasn't until I was able to borrow a camera that I started taking pictures.

Also by then, it was Sunday, the last day, and the most favorable weather day. I would of liked to get some pictures of the inclement weather as well. There were lots of great opportunities.

Once I started taking pictures, I was for some reason draw to dogs and peoples muddy feet slogging thru the slop. It had most of my attention during the few hours I got to use a friends camera. It could have been due to me missing my dog back home.

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Well, funny you should mention dogs! I traveled with three, Harold, Rosie, and Oliver. Ollie was cold at night but the others loved the snow. Great travelers these pups.





Yeah, I can understand the dog bit. my neighbors across the street have a son on his honeymoon in Cabo and their daughter is in Moab right now so they are in charge of 7 dogs. I've gone over there the last few days, about all they doggy love a person needs. Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball. Oh, squirrill! (I hope you have seen the movie, UP) 4 Labs, a husky, a Basset and a Catahula.


I was trying to find photos of the 2 irish wolfhounds that were wearing pants. it was pretty great