The Emerald Isle: 5 Days Paddling Isle Royale National Park


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upcruiser -

I wanted to say thanks quick. I'm not a big commenter on forums thought I do indulge a bit in basking in the excitement of others posts about their trips all over the world.

This one hit home a bit more, as a kid we used to vacation quite often in the UP (camping trips) with the grandparents. I've always wanted to go to Isle Royale, even having the topo map on my wall for most of my youth. I went to school at NMU, hiked Hog's Back multiple times, camped and cliff jumped all over the place.

Your post made me long for the UP again. My parents retired up there and my wife and I are headed there Friday to visit. My only regret is the visit will not be long enough.

Thanks again, I'm now seriously contemplating planning a trip to Isle Royale next year.

To those who have never been to see the UP Jim Harrison has an always unique viewpoint "Michigan is two radically different places - the North and the South which makes for good drama and contrast." To think I was born a troll.
Thanks for sharing that, I love to hear that kind of stuff. I came to Marquette for college and never left. It has pretty much any type of outdoor recreation you can dream of, literally 5 minutes from anywhere in town. You would be surprised by the town nowadays too, GREAT restaraunts, and well done planning for urban development while embracing outdoor recreation and comunity bike paths and trails. Its the only place in the state that hasn't been showing a decline in realestate, in fact its been growing despite all junk.

For me too, trips to the UP as a kid made it a bit of a mystical realm. I grew up in Leelanau County by Traverse City. Isle Royale exemplifies that feeling ten fold. Truly a unique and special place that holds you in awe. If you get the chance, I recomend it, as well as taking some time on the drive through the Yoop to check out some of the stuff on the way.


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I haven't been to Marquette since about '98, we're hoping to have time in our visit to get out there. We have friends here in ATL from the UP that have been telling me how much Marquette has changed. I really want to show my wife that area, any suggestions on restaurants to check out?

Most my family are trolls, I had family that helped build the bridge and my grandmother remembered passing the straights by ferry. Next year I hope to show my wife the rest of the UP and take her over the bridge (buy some fudge lol!) I've stomped all over - from Tahquamenon to the Porkies, but it's definitely been a long time.

Keep up the beautiful posts, saw the other one too. You do good work with the modest camera on the iphone, really document and portray things well. I look forward to future posts!