The "Expedition hat" thread

Yes, the Safari hat....

I'll be honest, I know that these aren't necessary all the time, but when I'm on hikes and generally out an about exploring on a camping or wheeling trip, these come in really handy for keeping the sun off your neck and face.

I haven't owned one in a few years and am looking for a narrow rimmed version. What brand style do you use and where can I find it online?


I picked one up a little while back at our local military surplus store. It is the narrow rimmed version. Mine is digital desert but they had black, khaki, blue, and all the other camo paterns as well. I think it was only $14.00.


back wards kavu visor works for me. it generally gets use as a head-band to keep the hair from going everywhere and acts as an optional hat just in case.


I like hats. I have a variety of hats that I wear when out wheeling / camping / hiking.

My old stand-by is my issue desert-cam floppy hat:

Another of my favorites is my Confederate Cavalry Officer's hat:

And - FOR YEARS & YEARS - I've been lusting after a real genuine Aussie Slouch Hat, but I haven't decided to pony up the $150 for it yet. If I ever get one, that will become my standard "Expedition Hat".​
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As to whether they are necessary all the time, well, for me and others who are "hair follicle challenged" :D and considering the number of skin cancers I cut off people every month, I'd say, yes, they are.

I, too, have a Tilley Airflo. Great here in the summer heat.
Also a generic canvas "safari hat" that I wear more in the winter for added warmth.

Then of course there's my trusty smilie safari hat...

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Another vote for Tilley hats. I must have 6 ot 7 different hats but I usually gravitate back to the Tilley because it is so comfortable and functional.

Bad shot for the hat but it's all I could find. :elkgrin:



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my nephew and i

outhere hats would include

well same hat just camo jeep camo dodge and camo toyota

my lovely lady in here hat


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I usually wear a baseball hat. I have a closet full of all sorts of full-brim hats, but I keep going back to either my OJ hat or a faded blue fitted baseball hat I bought back in '96 or so. It's pretty much purple now from the sun.

I always carry a boonie hat of some type for the rain or sun, but rarely use them.


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You know how sometimes you put something on and you just look silly in it?

Thats me and safari hats. I can't find one that doesn't look odd on me. So, I am relegated to baseball caps or the Fidel style hats in the truck.
Once out of the truck I usually go to a cowboy hat for full coverage.
The cowboy hat still looks funny on me, but somehow I enjoy it so. :pROFSheriffHL:


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Another Tilley Hat Fan

These days, I use a Tilley Hat or a baseball cap most of the time. (Being, as I am, follicle challenged.)

N.B. Tilley really will replace your hat if you destroy it.

Replacement hat:
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My primary cooler weather hat is a Tilley T3 model, which I love but also found it to be too hot in warmer months. I tried a Tilley T3 Airflow but found it did not cool enough for me. I ended up with a DPC mesh vented hat, which is a little larger brim then my Tilley and vents very well.

So basically I have two different hats depending on what conditions I will be in. :sombrero: