The Lunchbox Build... 4x4 chevy shorty van

We've been doing a lot of rescues too! The jeep guys love it, no matter how deep the hole is they know I'll get em' out of it. it's nice knowing you have a wrecker wheeling with

Ran into a random quigley out in LBL one day so I HAD to take pics! No owner around though, must've been out fishing...

Had some friends down for the eclipse. I took them right to the center of totality and we had front row seats, it was awesome! How do you like my homemade awning from crap laying around the garage?? it works great for free 99

The "golden" hour on the beach

Follow the leader!

We've proven it's offroad prowess and know what the old girl is capable of, so now I'm trying to make it more "camper" friendly. Time to start on the interior...

I had to cut my swivel seat bases as they were for a ford van, so we did a quick chop and weld and I installed some free chevy conversion van seats. We have swivel seats up front!

Then I started the sleeping platform in the back, using old wood in the garage. I ripped a couple of 2x12's into 2x4's and got to it! I had some leftover chip board from an old project for the top, and I converted an old DIY bookshelf into a drawer.

Then grandpa showed up with some old carpet remnants from his house (new carpet several years back), so I broke out the staple gun and laid it down!

So much room for activities!