The Next evolution in truck camper/tent tops

would there be any practical side to offering a pop up tent (not the wedge shape)? I like the access to the bed cap from inside. does the translucent roof/ ceiling offer too great a solar gain in warm months or climes (Arizona sun)? unit looks well made from the video. I didn't scour the options, but are there windows available for the "cap" panels? seems like the truck cab would be dark without at least a front window in the cap. or do the panels act as sheer panels? the frame looks like it has the bases covered in that regard.
This is a really cool idea.... Do you know what your ecd may be for full size rigs? And can you guys ad rub rails to the frame, just to help with trees on corners, ect.... Plus they'd make great grab rails and a good place to tie stuff to

I'm the designer of the GFC Platform so perhaps I can shed some light on the pass-through floor. The floor has a 50" x 50" removable section that has two 25" x 25" hinged panels. The mattress is also panelized and snaps into the floor panels. This lets you slide the whole floor onto the loft portion when you want a lot of open space. But if you are sleeping two tall people upstairs and one wants to get out, that person flips the latch and a 25" square panel swings down and hooks underneath so it's out of the way. Each side has it's own swing down panel. Sounds complicated but it's simpler in use. You can also turn the whole panel sideways and flip the two squares open to make a bunk if you're traveling solo.

The other upside vs the Habitat is that it's lighter, can be used in a parking space when needed, and you can pop it up with bikes or surfboards on top.

I have no use for one at the moment having a suv but I love the fact you are focusing on keeping your product USA made , wish more companies would keep that focus . best of luck to you guys !!