The other wonder mechanical genius my 88 Trooper

Geez am i cheap... I was installing my GPS into my trooper but it didn't power up. I realized it was the fuse (mini) so i went tp my electric stuff drawer to grab one. Well im out so i scrambled around a bit in the tool box i take to the wrecker. I found one after a while but im kinda upset that my thoughts was "I was just at the wrecker why didn't I grab some..... " is that cheap or what nope cant tell im Scottish.

I got myself a 88 Trooper with 2.64 cyl & auto in it. I am likeing it alot and am coming up some plans in my head what I want it to be like in a year or so. First thing in it was a stereo as there wasnt one, gotta love eBAY 34 $ been in 2 of my rides so far.

high priced stereo.jpg :drool:


Next thing was tires mine were bald and theres 15 inch Toyota rims on it. at the wrecker I got a set of 30's for 150 all for same tread and studded! no pic sorry . Tonight was install a RAM MOUNT for my Garmin Montana 650t (With BC/AB backroads map) with a powered mount. pics tomorrow

I did take it out a few times well I got it stuck , so today i finished off my second set of chains for t so i can have them front and aft pics if i have to put them on this weekend ! going out hunting !
No when its not acting all Italian on me it runs great but I have a few issues with mine I hope to sort out . ie replace exhaust , mount winch bigger battery and alternator . a vacuum leak etc its new to me but like i say when its running right its good
now that I am getting my stuff together to start in on my 88 Trooper 2.6 w A/T . I am buying stuff for it , i want to slap a 8k winch on it and know i wil wnt to upgrade my battery but while at it i want to upgrade my alt. what have you guys done to help your electrical when using a heavy draw like this? :?:

any ideas i got the welding help...sorry its sideways i will keep up with pics as i progress the plate im talking about is the base plate for the winch. the tube i show is 2.5 inch 3/16 and i have 2 . one for each frame rail. i also got 2 lengths of 2 inch that will slide into these ,they will be welded to the winch baseplate
allowing it to be removed when only doing pavement prowling :ylsmoke:
:elkgrin: Ah well "I'm not a smart man Jenny".... well heres the plan i will be cutting the top tab off my stock bumper mount and notching the bumper also . the notching will allow the pins to be inserted to hold the winch in place so it can be removed the 2x2 steel will be welded in place on the frame along with 2 grade 8 1/2 inch bolts they will be going in through the frame and both sides the tubing and also the original bumper mounts

f9c99bb6-7f41-45d7-a016-67edd6e50dbb.jpg 03ee2329-c478-4ff4-afe3-3c3d41653e62.jpg

the entire body needs light work the PO did some bondoing and left it unsanded so in the spring guess what I'm doing?


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well heres the mount for the winch im guessing after bolting it to the frame with gr8 bolts 1/2 " I will be bombproofing it by welding the frame pieces into place. i have figured out I have bought extra material and have some cutting to do. The extra material will be used to make a tow point for the back as there are no tow points or even a place for a towing ball.
2f9d668b-a56f-4307-83ba-51cee37df236.jpg cf16a094-cc20-47f0-9375-dde1bc7ab3b6.jpg
now to attach the baseplate with a few tack welds check the ability to slide on and off then thats done. then to upgrade battery and alternator
off.jpg done.jpg

Im so done except to find a sharp cone bit so i can enlarge the holes to allow a standard pin on both extensions to allow ease of removal :ylsmoke::jumping:
now does anyone know if I can do a one wire GM alternator install with a CS 10 or 12? I have done this with my Samurai and went from maybe 40 amps on a good day to a fresh 90 amps on a average day :wings: