The other wonder mechanical genius my 88 Trooper

Still waiting for parts so I get another habit

Well im waiting on parts so I can get the carb conversion kit in. So i had picked up a trailer for 400 $ and it came with a boat, right? Well i took the boat out and floated it today , well I actually motored around in it a bit. Its about 95 % done , I am waiting for some stuff from EBAY like a small stereo... and my fishing rod holders A trained eye will notice a change in the motors I went from a 6 hp to a 7.5 hp in a trade for an SKS I had lol got to love guys who like classics. :chef: and with out further adieu heres the 1 weeks worth of hour workdays compressed into a short playlist
So with the interior lights being fubar'd ever since I bought it . I have decided to do something about the nonworking lights.

27751910_808885165979372_3623938795078074568_n.jpg I took one of these and plugged them into a USB plug and man are they bright!

27752044_808849605982928_2874957681885733374_n.jpg I then wired the power from the socket to a switch then to the usb plug.

27752023_808889322645623_3556920428920878490_n.jpg I did the one for the rear slightly differently to spread the light for when I camp out.

27798267_808889405978948_9130897599360679609_o.jpg because of the way that these are wired I can use it as a charge slot also.
Next is an anderson plug for my fridge . Summer is coming :ylsmoke:
i really should do that in the future . these were cheap ,available , and already in my piles of assorted electronic crap . ive had to rethink my plans since i blew up the Pavement Princess . I think i have a plan.. But first a trip to Kamloops to get my muffler replaced. The darned thing blew apart down the seam, on the way to Kelowna. Its about 4 months old So I'll have a few words with them about materials quality :exclaim: And i wanted to go ice fishing...
Gutting the old crap out of the way, now I have a shiny Weber in there. lots of space for a spare battery now.. and a space for a something or other when i turf the Cruise Control that dont work
29365959_828135537387668_1471588265285910528_o (1).jpg
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Carried on the gutting of all the useless stuff under the hood. Got rid of the Cruise Control sputnik and some more EFI stuff thats no longer being used. I got the tachometer working according to Johnny5ives video vice Shooters instructions. Still waiting for the rad for my Rodeo [in on monday ] but i can run it as is now, with caution. Parts to make the Trooper's auto trans are also in the mail be here in a week or so.