The Perfect Brew........!


Allergic to Pavement

This...Beaver's Milk Stout...closest thing to alcohol flavored Yoohoo on the market...did I mention that it's smooooth?

Shiner Bock if I'm eating spicy.

Coors light if the noisy neighbor stops by.

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The Perfect Brew?

Just found my new favorite brew ever. My brother-in-law introduced Gulden Draak, a Belgium ale, to me in front of a campfire on a cool night outside of Joshua Tree NP about a month ago. Granted, I almost choked when I went to Total Wine and paid $18.99 (!!!) for a FOUR pack after that, but it has to be the best beer I have ever had the privilege to drink. It was oh so satisfying after biking forty miles in McDowell a couple of Saturdays ago that it was absolutely worth the cost. It should be mandatory for everyone to try it once, it is that good!
I had that last year when I lived up in Montana. Now I'm back down in lame-o beer-less Nebraska (except for buttweiser) and boy was I surprised to find a place with sixers of Red Chair! I stocked up enough to get me through the summer.
Sorry to hear you only have Buttwiper in those parts, its just not right! Once you've had real beer its hard to drink that piss. I live in the land of plenty here in Bend, OR....this places spoils you in so many ways. I took a road trip through Montana last summer and had Moose Drool for the first time...purdy darn tasty too.
We do have some good beer here, its just expensive. I'm used to paying $7 for Moose Drool but its $11 here, and there isn't a can of Cold Smoke to be found 'round these parts. And Dead Guy was a buck a bottle by the case up there. Here...$14.99 a sixer. I've been homebrewing though so that makes up for the lack of anything worth while.
Just had this last night. Really good. Creamy mouthfeel, big coffe flavors, and a bit of hoppy bitterness at the end.

Bt the way, if you're so inclined, my wife and I tweet out beer/wine stuff from time to time at @TheCorkAndCap.
Overland Expo Brew Tasting

So, while everyone is probably consuming their favorite brew at the moment and enjoying a beautiful day, I was struck with the idea of a wonderful gathering. While most of you are admiring all things involving Barley, malt, and hops, I came up with an idea for the OEX. We all have our favorites when it comes to the hop, I thought maybe we could all share in our enjoyment of the local variety by bring some to OEX. What I mean by local is this, it can't be distributed outside your local area. It should be a brew that most people don't get to enjoy, unless they are visiting your local. I.e. I love Laughing Lab from Bristol Brewing in CO Springs. That malty caramel taste with a hint of licorice is intoxicating, but, I can't even get close to enjoying it unless I drive to CO and buy it. That is what I mean, but most of you know that. So without further adou, if you would like to participate, just say I'm in, and bring what you like to enjoy of your local brew. Sometime during the show we should all meet up and pass around a few brews and try something different. I will be in the FJ Cruiser area, I have a 2008 White Trail Teams with a Foxwing awning. Stop by and I will share with you what I hold near and dear to my heart as my favorite. Thanks.