The quest for the perfect family (5 of us) overlanding/camping setup....


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A 6x12 cargo trailer ticks most of the boxes if you’ve got a place to store it and fuel mileage isn’t a major concern. Mine is primarily used for my construction business, so the camping stuff is modular, but it would be easy to build out with permanent beds instead. You can fit a queen mattress in the back lower area, with room for a countertop in the nose and space to walk inside. Bunk beds for the older kids above your bed and the your younger one can sleep on a small cot inside the door.

I’ve got an 8x8 awning with a drop down room and portable stove/water, as we prefer to be outside when camping but it solves the bad weather issues. If you have to put the awning away wet you,can just unzip and roll it down at home, no need to completely set it up.

Mine was $2,150 new, I’ve got less than $1,000 setting it up with a 12v battery system, roof fan, lights, RV door latch, E-Track, etc. Bonus is you can carry bikes, kayaks, etc, inside it.5D9F441E-E1F5-4DB0-BA74-CDD8BB02446A.jpegAE7709DD-C836-493F-88A7-7E9E90E29033.jpegA595290E-96F5-40C1-B8EB-46032119FA0A.jpegB4989EE8-9B2C-43D4-A72F-122D85294F38.jpeg